Thursday, April 10, 2014

You, Me And Our Life

It's been a while being silent here. my pregnancy was now 2 month 1 week already. still small and very little to see you darling. i am so excited be a mother. i'm not lying baby, mommy love you since you been created by Allah s.w.t in my tummy. please grow nice and healthy. can't wait to see you on this Disember.

During this trimester, i believe on myself to be a superwomen. Haha. What i mean is, even though everyday and every minutes i missing my husband while his not here; beside me, i try my best to be as strong as a superwomen. carrying my little baby in my tummy was really unforgettable experience that i being through. Hubby, i know you miss me and baby too. not only everyday but every minute and second right?.. You're the best person in our life. i knew i'm not strong if i'm alone, but i knew you are always with us.

Here our caliph,
see.. too cute right?
This is the first time we meet darling. Please grow up quickly and nicely. don't naughty in mommy tummy ok! Hehe.. See you again next month! :)