Friday, December 24, 2010

moVie ..

wosh .. so boring! my blog is so boring right?.. really boring.. haha .. i wish i could make something interesting here.. aduh! xreti den .. layan je lah ea.. hehe ..
dis long cuti2 are going to end. back to dat place on 1 january 2011.. huff ~ the new year, new sem n new experience are waiting .. dup. dap. dup. dap.. hehehe ..
nak gtaw citer2 korean i dah layan dlm cuti ni. there many movie in my external im not watching yet. maybe bcoz my cuti not only for watching, its for something more useful.. haha .. yer la sgt .. kih3 :P
anyway.. dis movie so damn cool. best ok! watch it.. lau xde ley sedut2 ngn i ok.. no prob .. hehehe :D

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