Saturday, January 29, 2011

Awak Xpernah Jauh Dari Hati Saya !

Dis entry Ayu dedicate special buat cik Anis Fatini Azami . Firstly, Ayu nak say sorry to her coz maybe in our relationship kadang2 Ayu ada wat dia berasa hati tanpa disengajakan . Honestly, Ayu sangat2 sayang kat dy and i am really scare to lose her . I am very proud to b one of her bestfriend . I will always pray for her happiness until my last breath .
lov u babe . ^^

the world is so more beautiful with u around !!


venapOrtaLhEpEr said...

mokck gedis!!!!!!!!!
pelu ke aw malukan sy kT cnie..!!!!
hua!! malunyer!!
wpn agk tharu
skil nk cover malu!!

jusTsOmeOne said...

hehe .. lov u babe! ngee ..