Thursday, October 27, 2011


Shopaholic girl ??
"Confession of a Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella.. actually i dint buy or read this book. but when i looked this picture [that captured randomly last week] i try to figure what to write here. Haha .. Surely, i am not a journalist like the main character in this story book. but, maybe i have something that she loved most to do. Writing and shopping ...! Ngee ..
Actually the biggest event today [Last Sunday] is my kakak punye convocation. But i just took a while there to say congrats for her .. Even though, i am so glad and happy to see her wearing the convocation dress. Congratulation again kak Mirah!
After that, we went to the book fair at MARDI, Serdang. Walking around so many book .. So good! My favorite section, x lain x bukan : Children ! Haha .. Anyway, motto jalan-jalan hari tu, snapping a few picture is the most important thing, buy a book is second thing .. Haha [just kidding!]  ^_^

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