Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dear 2012

Assalamualaikum? Oh my goodness ! it's already 2012 ! Yeah .. Please smile, smile and smile coz u gonna through this year with full of happiness! InsyaALLAH .. :)
It is 5.20 am on 1 January 2012 .. Waiting for azan Subuh .. I just wanna make some love letter to my dear 1st post on 1 January 2012 .. 
Dear 2012, i am so excited with u, i am so nerves to see u .. I am really wanna through this year with a very nice experience. So, dear 2012 .. Please be nice to me, be awesome for me and everyone. i don't want to be in upset episode again like Jun and July 2011. Crying so damn bad .. Ouh, bad things for me . It is hurt when i remember it. I hate it .. I want so much to throw away all that thing that always messing my mind .. 
Alhamdullillah .. I going better day after day .. The best thing in my 2011 is on my birthday .. I wanna be happy like my birthday on 28 September 2011 .. Something like miracle for me .. Something that really unexpected comes out for make me happy .. I just can say Alhamdulillah .. Pray for this miracle to stay with me until my last breath .. InsyaALLAH ..
Dear 2012, Only Allah s.w.t knows what is going to happen next .. We only can wish, hope, work and pray for the best .. for all of us .. InsyaALLAH ..

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